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Congratulations !

You just successfully bought the key for your state-of-the-art deep learning app.

How does it work?

We just sent you an email. In the email, you will find an 8-digit hexadecimal number. It is the key to unlocking your deep learning app.
After you receive the email, create the text file key in the mnt/WRdisk folder. You can use nano, for instance.
Insert only the given string of 8 characters. It doesn't matter if you use uppercase or lowercase letters; both are perfect.
Close the file and reboot to unlock the app.




Please note that the key is only valid for the SD card used. If you copy the application to another card, it will need a new key.
The key is also only valid for the given application. If you reuse the SD card by flashing another app, the previous key will not work.

The email is generated automatically and sent to the specified address. Please check your spam box if you do not receive the email within a reasonable time.
Raspberry 64 OS
Raspberry 32 OS
Raspberry and alt
Raspberry Pi 4
Jetson Nano
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