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We do machine learning

Deep learning
Machine learning is a very general term. It often refers to a computer algorithm trying to identify patrons or relations. It can include images where the content is divided into different categories, one of the most striking applications of deep learning, currently mainstream in machine learning software.
Computer vision
Another interpretation can be the inspection of images. During the processing of pictures, information is extracted by algorithms. It can result in a simple good/wrong output, or a more complex signal concerning position, rotation, etc. This technology is often called machine vision or computer vision, with the subtle distinction that computer vision software does not learn.
Embedded vision
A special place in machine vision holds the embedded vision. Driven by the smartphone market, advanced computer chips are nowadays amazingly powerful and have a lot of decicated hardware on board. No need for a clunky computer, embedded vision with a tiny PCB is the future.

Face mask detection
In the news: our Face Mask Detection on a Raspberry Pi 4.
YouTube, code on GitHub.

Founded in 1997, Q-engineering has assisted many with their vision projects. Over the years, a wealth of experience in computer vision is gained. You can rightfully call us experts in computer vision software.
Fuji DS-300
Our first machine vision camera back in 1997.
A Fuji DS-300 with a TWAIN extension unit.

Q-engineering does not use any licensed software. The delivered software is entirely yours. No surprises.
Q-engineering is not affiliated with any hardware supplier. Nor do we want to sell hardware. When we design something for you, it is your property. We can only assist with setting up the supply chain.
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Install 32 OS
Raspberry and alt
Raspberry Pi 4
Jetson Nano
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